We are committed to sustainability 


Responsible production, consumption and use of our natural resources form the foundation of sustainability. At PPF we are committed to responsible resource consumption (energy efficiency). We also work closely with organizations involved in conservation and natural resource management. We are committed to contribute time and expertise to partnering with organizations engaged in responsible stewardship of our resources.


We are committed to socioeconomic growth and development in our community. We strive to support programs and institutions involved in various aspects of community development. Our areas of focus include but are not limited to education, sports, environmental sustainability and vulnerable groups.


PPF Capital is committed to good governance and corporate social responsibility. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations and strive to comply with international governance best practices.

Social Projects

2021 Annual Christmas Donation

PPF Capital recognizes healthy children’s crucial role in society. The  World Pediatric Project (WPP) was identified as the organization to reach children and their families. WPP seeks access to advanced pediatric care unavailable locally at the time. PPF Capital donated 50 food hamper packages to families with children who were under WPP care in December 2021. 

PPF Capital acknowledges the crucial role healthy children have in society. For its 2021 Christmas Donation, 50 food hamper packages were donated to families with children who were under the World Pediatric Project’s (WPP) care. WPP is an organization to reach children and their families seeking access to advanced pediatric care that is locally unavailable. 

Each PPF team member took turns to accompany a WPP member in personally delivering these hampers to the families. This allowed the PPF team to practice integrity outside the scope of the company’s day-to-day operations and allowed them to gain a new sense of humility in giving back to the vulnerable. PPF Capital encourages its staff and others to contribute to the sustainability of society and continues to do its best in locally supporting the community.  


2020 Annual Christmas Donation

To launch its first Annual Christmas Donation, PPF Capital targeted two vulnerable groups, elderly and pregnant women, who were severely affected by COVID-19. Two organizations were identified to reach each target group: Sister Cecilia Home for the Elderly and Seed of Life Pregnancy Resource Center.

Sister Cecilia Home for the Elderly is a residential facility that provides care for elderly persons aged 65 and above. As of December 2020, Sister Cecilia had 35 residents who were a mix of healthy, differently-abled, and mentally challenged elderly persons. PPF Capital provided a bulk donation of everyday items to Sister Cecilia.

Seed of Life Pregnancy Resource Center is a non-profit organization that responds to the needs of persons involved in a ‘crisis pregnancy’.  In December 2020, Seed of Life was sponsoring 20 mothers who were a mix of women in their pregnancy and postpartum periods. Notably, the center sponsors both prenatal and postnatal care up to one year after delivery. To this, PPF Capital donated individual care packages of baby items to each mother. 


Education (March 2022)

March is Child Stimulation Month in Belize. Appropriately, PPF Capital made a long-anticipated contribution to the Belmopan Community Pre School. Like many institutions, the school was affected by the pandemic.

The school’s principal and founder, Mrs. Angela Casey, identified a printer as their most urgent need and  PPF was happy to assist.

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